I was terrified of speaking in public...

It took me years to even muster the courage to speak in public for fear of being ridiculed and labelled as wrong.

But we don't have to buy into that BS at this stage in our lives do we?

Inside every mistake lays a prime opportunity to rise up out of the darkness or confusion, pain and shame in to the light of clarity, renewed strength and determination.

My life has been a very clear series of rising higher than ever after falling lower than rock bottom. -Years of living without what I so deeply desired.

I do not wish rock bottom on anyone, but I do want you to make mistakes as gracefully as you make successes in your life because the inner wisdom that is required to consciously and deliberately create a life that you authentically desire calls for failure and mess ups, deprivation and low moments.

Feelings and states of being that stir up desperation, sadness, frustration, anger and even rage, the kind of emotions that remind you of your human nature, that remind you of what you don't like and want thus steering you strongly towards what you do like and do want.

Maria K.Comment