I'm just about feeling like myself again...


...after almost a week of feeling awful. 

It's difficult for me to say that I have been ill (not for the reasons of past years which have seen me be a typical woman and mother; plodding on with life because we don't have a choice). No, these days I'll happily take bed rest if that is what my body needs to recover.

These days though, I prefer to use the term releasing any time I'm not 100% because that's exactly what the body needs to do in order to facilitate the UpGrades that we command in our life.

In short, in order for us to become the people we desire to become and also the people we need to be for us to live our 'new improved lives' congruently and authentically there's a lot of Upgrading that needs to go on at a cellular level.

We all know that mindset and beliefs need attention during our ascension in order to successfully support the process. The physical body is just the same. In fact a lot of our what I call 'gunk' is stored deep down inside of our physical bodies. This outdated biology simply MUST go if we want to become the best possible version of ourselves in support of the best possible version of our lives to manifest.

So the same way to release old stale emotions we would 'have a good cry' and clear some space for the new and fresh, so too does the body 'have a good cry' in the from of a release (illness/off colour/under the weather)

Neither of them feeling particularly pleasant at the time but once it's all out, we feel as though we are new people.

And that is exactly what we are, new, upgraded versions of ourselves. A perfect match for the current phase of the spiritual and personal development journey that we find ourselves at.

So this past week got me thinking. I really was in a bad way, and even though I 100% deep down knew that I was slap bang in the middle of another release, I couldn't help feeling a little hard done by. (Even after all these years)

You see, no one actually told me the truth about the dark side of awakening. It is really not talked about much at all. with fold preferring to harp on about the glam, shiny, happy happy side of things more! 


Maria K.Comment