Sorry. Did I Miss Something?

Good morning/afternoon from Cyprus! 

I receive nearly all of my inspiration and material for my sharings through my own life experiences, encounters and spiritual downloads. I'm totally cool with that.

As I've said before. My journey is your journey and your journey is my journey and as I mentioned in my last note to you when you commit to your UpGrade journey like I have you have to be willing to allow with grace for  things to seemingly breakdown in order to breakthrough! 

Stay tuned for more on this soon! There are some very deep and profound lessons that I just have to share with you! 


I wanted to do a little check in with you today though, take a little time to make sure I'm not missing something really important that you may be dealing with in your life that you could use my help with.

Although I work intuitively and I trust that completely, there's always room for more and I'm feeling today that there may be something urgent that you need from me that we could easily take care of if we had a quick chat.

So I'm opening a few spaces to do just that; help you.

Simply click HERE and book a time to get online (skype/fb phone or whattsapp phone) and you can tell me exactly what you need my help with. If you are doubting whether what you are dealing with is 'big' enough or even 'too big' for us to discuss in 30 minutes PLEASE...... stop now! 

Here's a brief list in any case to help you figure it out. To be honest though I'd urge you to not over think it! If you need help with something, if you're worrying, feeling off, confused etc then go ahead book a slot with me HERE ;-) 

* Clarity * Forgiveness * Emotional Healing * Relationship Break Up * Physical Wellness

* Lifestyle * Spiritual Practice * Family issues* Parenting * Work/Career * Finances * Life Purpose

* Fears * Stuckness  * Apathy * Depression * Overwhelm * Drama * Mind Chatter * Sadness

* Low Self Esteem * Negative Self Image * Distorted Body Image * Disordered Eating * Motivation/Lack Of


I was walking along the sea front here in Larnaca, Cyprus yesterday and I spotted this Indian couple hand in hand. My mind was confused for moment having lived in India on and off for the past 2 years! As I travel the world more and live in different locations my love for all people is magnified and enlarged! 

 One race,
Many cultures,
One place.
- Geoffrey M.Gluckman ‪#‎indianbrothers‬ ‪#‎indiansisters‬ ‪#‎cyprus‬ ‪#‎weareone‬‪#‎wearefamily‬ ‪#‎colourcoordinated‬ ‪#‎finikoudes‬ ‪#‎sundayafternoon‬‪#‎upgradewithmariak‬

I look forward to talking to you if you need my help this week. Book HERE for a free 30 minute session. 

Love Without Limits

Maria K

Maria K.