Ancient India Rituals For Modern Day Thriving


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The time has come to share this with you!......

..........This very exciting collaboration!

For that past half a year, while living in India,  I have been diving deeper and deeper and deeper into what has turned out to be a life changing journey for me. I have had many personal changes to accept and rise up from. (will share more about these soon too)  I have utilised the vast array of resources, teachings and workshops available to be while there.

All have been transformational, all have been steeped in love and beauty and all have left me with singular or on going lessons to learn for myself which I can in turn share with you!

To be honest, my world has been rocked a thousand times over and I am actually grateful :-)

Never in a million years did I envisage meeting such a special woman, teacher, healer and creator of sacred space. The fact that Nuria is from the same suburb in Spain that my Sister in law and my brother live in and that her main modality is Flamenco dance and that I got to enjoy weekly classes and also special workshops with her are all an added bonus!

We have become friends, soul sisters and supporters for one another so this collab seemed like a no brainer!

I really wanted YOU to experience some of the sacredness that we have been a part of. My journey is your journey and your journey is my journey. We are one. We are mirrors.

Nuria and I talk about the following in this video! BTW Watch out for the street dogs that make an appearance!

* Authenticity

* Healing

* Empowerment

* Mind Body Soul Connection

* Self Love

* How to snap yourself out of a funky mood

* How to understand yourself better                                                                                           

*The importance of connection with the Universe AND other soul brothers and sisters

* Why it's critical that we ALL rise to be better version of ourselves sooner rather than later

The VIDEO I a little longer than my usual ones but I promise you, you'll gain a lot if you watch til the end.

You may reach Nuria directly via with any questions or to find out about her upcoming retreats and events in Europe and India.

Love without limits....

Maria K xxxx

P.S Let me know if you want to meet in person this spring/summer so I can get it booked up for you.

Maria K.