Change. Can you hack it?


I'm in Dubai, still heading West to visit family and answer a calling to work more in person for a few months. It definitely feels like the right thing to do and is for sure based on inner guidance but it also feels like a stretch! Different! A change! In some ways it's feels ouchie!! (See my last post for more deets!) 

After finding my very happy place and sanctuary in the jungle near the paradise tropical beaches of Goa India to be back in the city. 

 First noisy chaotic Mumbai and now in the very modern built up-ness off Dubai! 

I'm definitely getting good practice at dealing with change. 

BUT it's what I asked the universe for. Our desires are a preview for where you need to go next. What you need to focus on next! 

It's what is required of me in order to be a cooperative component in the next UpGrade of how I show up for those who need my help, guidance, motivation and inspiration. 


The one thing that is inevitable on our UpGrade, Ascension, personal and spiritual development journey is change!  

It's not only inevitable it's also required!

Without change we can not evolve.

Often though we block the very thing that we have been asking for or seeking.

The very thing circumstance, event, opportunity or person that we desired we push away when it comes because it's scary as heck or perhaps it doesn't look like the 'plan' we had or the specific idea we had.

Change is different and different can be uncomfortable. Believe me... I know!!!! 

 It's our job though, to remain open and willing, courageous and in a state of surrender as the universe delivers, guides, helps and loves us forward, upwards and outwards.

Life loves you and change is part of your ever evolving life.

Are you open and willing to love yourself enough to embrace the changes that your ever beautiful UpGrade journey is bringing you? 

Watch the video and let me know about the changes you're currently going through and how comfortable you are or aren't with them?? 


Maria K.