I couldn't not do it

In the summer of 2015 I jumped off a huge cliff in Cyprus.

I make it my priority to walk my talk and lead by example.

This bridge is 2 minutes from my house here in India and to mark my upcoming Europe speaking and in person tour I jumped off it!!

Yep! I peed myself and my legs were like jelly. I did it though!

The upside is that it took me half the time that it took me last year!

Watch, have a giggle, be inspired and get in touch!

I hope to see you somewhere in Europe this spring/summer.

If you'd like to meet me this spring/summer and have me facilitate an in person instant upgrade day for you, facilitate a corporate mind body soul or team building event for you and your colleges or speak to your community then hit reply and lets get you booked! 



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Maria K.