I'm outside of my comfort zone in Mumbai!

I'm on my way West! To see family and for the 2016 Upgrade Speaking & In Person tour! 

Leaving my paradise jungle retreat by a tropical Goan beach was not easy!

no, no, no!!!! 

my haven, my sacred space, my hideaway, my backdrop for the birth and cultivation of the upcoming sharings and teachings. 

But it I have to keep going. I have to get over my self and answer the calling that I have had to share and work more in person this spring/summer. 

I deliberately factored a couple of days in Mumbai into the trip! 

Yes I'm not a fan of busy cities and find pretty much idealistic tranquility and bliss in the life I have built almost 'off grid' so really have to question what the heck!??!!


when end we get too comfortable in a place, way of being, relationship, job or routine we lose sight of a lot of truths. 

Although I knew what I was getting myself into; I knew I would be affected, I'm still blown away how much this city has impacted on me in such a short time.

My favourite snap of today is of me and a little local boy. His father stopped me and asked if he could have a photo of me and his son.

It was really apt actually as I'm on my way to hopefully see you and work with you or have you in one of my audiences, with plenty of hugs as well! So it really is a depiction of how connection with otters is important, very important at the moment. 

I'm ready to meet more of you. I'm ready to look you in the eyes, hold your hands and tell you face to face how your life can change in a flash if you're willing to move to at least the outer edge of your confute zone. Ready to help you heal, process, release and make peace and then I'm ready to watch your face light up as you begin to gain clarity, motivation, send belief and confidence. 

sometimes we have to get out from behind the 'safety' and 'comfort' for a while in order to participate and facilitate the next snippet of the UpGrade journey we are on.

im not going to list the 'ways ' you can work with me this summer. Fancy descriptions or bullet point blah blahs.  Im

not into persuasion tactics. I'm simply letting you know that if you want to spend a full day with me, in person, Focusing deeply and fully on the areas of your life that are in need of an UpGrade then just send me an email. We will then get on Skype or Facebook call and begin designing your unique and Personal UpGrade day exactly how should be for YOU.

You may run a spiritual or support group, own a company or work in a large group of people and feel to have me run a workshop there. The same applies. Contact me via the contact page on the website or via mariakarpasitis@icloud.com

Im coming out of my comfort zone to see you... Why don't you come out of yours too? and we can meet somewhere in the middle!

love beyond limits

MK ❤️

Maria K.