This woman brought me back to life

No sooner had I launched my new WEBSITE back in Jan of this year you may remember me sharing with you how I was hit with a terrible stomach issue that took a) a long time to recover from (I'm still having to be vigilant now even) and b) took a while to get to the bottom of what it actually was! 

As well as aryuveda and unavoidable conventional medicine I sought the help of Holistic Nutritionist and raw food chef Juliette of Juliette's Kitchen which I'm so grateful for. It turns out I was hit with parasites in my system which caused the total destruction of my intestinal lining and it was Juliette who helped me back up so to speak. 

I really did have a break down to break through experience during this time. My body was breaking down rapidly; I was very scared. I can rehabilitate emotionally and spiritually, even mildly physically til the cows come home but this was extreme, probably the sickest I have ever been. I barely moved from my bed for 2 weeks. 

Juliette and I met a couple of years ago in India and since then there have been some lovely bonds developing by all family members. Such a happy & uplifting family to be around! 

We had been planning a collaboration with Juliette for a while as I like to always offer a wide range of UpGrade related topics to my itunes and youtube audience. I'd seen her work in the community and online and loved her approach. 

What happened to me regarding my stomach was very fascinating! Unpleasant to say the least but it offered the chance to really KNOW what Juliette is about, how she works and also reconnect me with the importance of conscious nutrition as a means of support for us UpGraders in mind, body and soul! 

This has made me want to share her work even more.

She's full of insights, intuition, practical knowledge as well as scientific evidence to back it all up. Most of all though she's full of 'human-ness' and not full of unrealistic expectations with regards to diet, nutrition and daily living. 

Oh.... and did I mention delicious and easy recipes?! 

Click  HERE  to listen to our collab. We recorded it in Goa, India back at the end of Feb so there are some definite nature sounds in the back ground for you to enjoy! 

The link again:

Go HERE to check out what Juliette is up to ans how you can get in touch with her. 

Maria K.