Is your environment hindering your UpGrade?

The in person tour is underway, and I'm currently in Dublin, Ireland.  

Since I arrived here I have felt cold, even during what seems to be a 'heat wave' according to the locals! 

Picture everyone around me in summer attire and me in a thick winter coat, scarf and wooly hat!! (Authenticity at its highest!) 

So the  Dreams to Reality Transformations continue on. I gave a talk at the Buddah Bag centre last week to a very ripe and ready group of souls. 

Since then I have been working one on one, in person with those ready to leap courageously and surely into their UpGraded dream life here in Dublin. 

Despite love, love, loving my work here, and also getting to know the beautiful warm Irish culture, I have struggled considerably with certain aspects of the environment which have impacted on my daily UpGraded existence! 

I have popped my struggles  in a short video along with 3 things I encourage you to look at in your current environment that could be holding you apart from the life you deserve. I'll be in Berlin middle of this week. If you live there and would like to meet for an in person UpGrade Coaching session or even for a hug and a tea or juice, hit reply to this email and we'll get that set up for you. 

Enjoy the video:

see you somewhere, sometime soon...

Love without limits...

keep going... The universe loves you.

Maria K xxxx 


Maria K.