Are You Compromising?

Dear precious UpGrader

Did anyone ever tell you that your that your desires for life are frivolous or impossible? 

Has anyone ever told you that you must be sensible and that you can never have it all? 

Maybe he you've even told yourself these lies? 

Success, freedom & happiness are a package. You are supposed to live them all, simultaneously. 

Are you missing out on one or more of them?

As a young adult I was extremely successful but without real happiness and true freedom. On the outside things were outstanding but on the inside I was completely unfulfilled.

I was living a lie. A life that I thought was my only option. 

I now know that we always have a choice. 

What have you been choosing? Are you ready to chose differently? 

Do you want me to help you create all 3, success-freedom-happiness, in equal balance both personally and professionally?

You can reply to this email or contact me via or email me at and book a free 30 minute consultation where we will uncover why you've been missing out on the most important fundamentals of life. We will then create a power plan that will quickly ensure your are living your most outstanding life to date.

Your life is unique to you. And so it should be. Whether you dream of the perfect home, a private education for your children, a successful fulfilling career, a vibrant healthy body,  a sacred relationship, or maybe a freedom based lifestyle inside of which you work and live where you choose to, when you choose to. 

It's all possible. The first step to creating it though is to believe that it is, and then believe that you deserve it. 

Then, decide that you'll do what it takes to move towards living what you lay in bed dreaming about at night.

It's time... Don't you feel? 

love with limits, Maria K xxxx

ps If you know anyone who's compromising please do share this video and message with them. 

Pps Spain's climate is much more conducive to my success, freedom & happiness!  

Maria K.