I made a decision, will you?

Hi dear UpGrading Soul 

When you make a decision wether it be conscious or unconscious, the whole universe conspires to help you; bringing you relevant people, circumstances, events or even removing them from your life, if need be! 

Im currently on an in person tour. Having prised myself away from my jungle/beach sanctuary in Goa, India. I've been joyfully traveling around to deliver motivational talks, run workshops, host  group & one to one UpGrade Days and collaborate with colleagues around Europe. 

I've been coming to Spain to visit family for the last 10 years and have never worked with or met anyone with whom  I've had a professional synergy with. It was never on my radar, I'd never been work focused here before. This time was totally different, the universe knew this, and got to work!  

Less than an hour after my flight landed Cari, The Anxiety Executive, and I were thrust together on a busy airport transfer bus!

Watch the brief video we shot in the sun and look out for our collaborative UpGrade with Maria K podcast episode very soon!



Maria K.