Playing With The Universe

I manifested a free massage & spa day - the day after I Posted About playing with The universe!  


Wake up every day expecting miracles!

Hi precious UpGrader. 

I'm in Barcelona - Spain, combining family with work, with being in person & on the move!  The UpGrade tour is proving to be everything I could hope for and more! 

I'm reunited with my 2 teens and have also been spending some time with my young nephews, which I always  love as I'm encouraged and reminded to play, A LOT more! 

Last night I posted on IG about playing with the universe, and manifesting fun, unimportant things by way of practicing and forming strong beliefs, paving the way for the bigger things.

Today at a BWN meeting I Won a massage & spa day for 2, in a prize draw that I almost didn't enter! I was there for work, my mind really wasn't on prize draws! Yet at the last second I had an entry form thrust into my hand along with a pen and the bag from which the winning form was to be drawn! 

I wasn't at all attached to it, however I did have a silent word with the universe as the entry form was being drawn. Then voila! 

Ask and and it is given - in REAL TIME!! 

I'm not saying that I manifest all things instantly these days but there's been a definite thinning of the veils and shortening of the time lapses that have been progressively developing over the years. 

How would it feel for you, to begin to manifest your desires more frequently and more effortlessly? 

How much better would your days be with less struggle and effort required? 

Have you been taking things too seriously? Working too hard? 

Have you been forgetting to play and have fun on your UpGrade journey lately? 

The universe responds really well to easy, light, high vibrating happy energy, you know!  

It's quite common to to get too into the 'seriousness' of designing, creating and manifesting your UpGraded success, freedom & happiness; you're definitely not alone! 

So I'm happy and grateful for the reminder we've all been given today from the big U itself!

hit reply or send an email to if you have a similar story to share or if you'd like some help with manifesting what you need or want; either big or small!! 

Here's a copy of the original post along with the pic of me in mid climb on the climbing frame! 

' Play with the universe. Practice manifesting small, fun yet unimportant things, like for example, a certain type of restaurant, a car parking space, a free coffee or random coins on the pavement. Then once you begin to receive them as evidence of your ability to call forth what you desire, once you begin to believe that you can be a manifesting queen/king, crank it up a notch. #play #manifest #ask #believe #receive #go #bigger #upgradewithmariak #spain

Stay tuned for news of my next destination after Spain coming soon...

Love without limits

Maria k xxx

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Maria K.