Unlocking Your UpGrade With Prayer

As the teens and I left for the beach, we had a mini crisis!

When in the middle of a crisis, big or small, it's easy to think and feel the worst. It's easy to allow our mind to latch onto only the negative, to only see one end of the stick. All too often, the wrong end!

To many of us, it might seem like the only logical thing to do is to be realistic. We also tend to shoulder the full weight of the situation ourselves. Down spiralling into a state of anxiety and worry. Worrying is like planning for the worst, creating the outcome that we want the least, with our powerful thoughts.

The Power Of Prayer

I used to be totally averted to anything remotely religious. After some undesirable experiences with elements of the Orthodox Religion, the faith I was raised in, the mere mention of God would leave me feeling uncomfortable. I felt fear, as though I was inferior, wrong and unworthy. I felt judged and misunderstood.

Things have shifted greatly since then though. I now feel fully supported, loved and safe. Through out my experiences with and studies of varying religions and spirituality itself, I have been able to change my mind. I have been able to know the truth, and firmly form a different set of beliefs. Ones that serve and support me, ones that serve and support my success, freedom and my happiness.


If you've followed my work in the past you'll know that I now study, believe in and practice in many different faiths, religions, spiritual and ancient ritualistic faiths. In my opinion, there's one for each mood, each situation, each season, each phase. The source of all of the fore-mentioned, for me, is the same. Same song, different hymn sheet. I won't 'preach on' about this though. I urge you to go and figure it out for yourself. If I'm honest, I don't really care what you believe in. My simple wish for you, is that you begin to practice the art of prayer, as a means to assist and enhance your life upgrade.

When I realised that we were locked out of the apartment because the second key was still inside the internal lock of the front door, as we were about to set off for the beach yesterday, the first thing I did was to pray.

 On this occasion I prayed to God and I asked for the situation to be taken care of quickly, effortlessly and inexpensively. It was a Sunday which meant that calling out a professional would have cost double if not triple the usual amount. Of course, I would have paid it had it been necessary, but only as a last resort; I'd much rather have spent the money on something fun!

 I immediately called on my invisible helper to get on the case and begin to  take care of it for me. Instead of fearing that I was about to lose control of my day and have to forfeit having fun at the beach with my family, I stood strong in my faith and handed it right over and continued on to the beach!

You don't have to be religious to pray. You don't have to be in a church, mosque or temple to pray either. All that is required is a belief. A belief that there is something with a limitless capacity to take care of the situation at hand. Something that you can connect with (for you it could be a care bear teddy from your childhood!) and trust in with unwavering faith to step in and contribute where your need them to.

Mind Over Matter

Of course, my mind (some call it the ego or wrong mind) was bursting to create a drama out of all of this! A couple of techniques that I use to trump this are 1) visualisation & gratitude. Imagining the desired outcome and expressing gratitude for it( in my case yesterday, seeing the teens and I inside the apartment after a day at the beach, taking showers, cooking and eating dinner and chilling on the terrace, watching a movie) Seeing it vividly, in detail, feeling it fully and believing with conviction that it's the truth. 2) When the mind try's to veer off into negative chatter, bring it right back on to the feelings, visions and outcomes that your desire and remind yourself that 'God/The Universe/Krishna/Jesus/Ganesh/Archangel Michael' is taking care of it so there's no need to worry or feel bad. Our thoughts create our reality so it's of paramount importance to pay attention to them and choose them correctly!

Along with prayer and mind monitoring, it's also a good idea to take some kind of action to keep the energy moving. In my case yesterday, I contacted my current landlady, discussed possible solutions with family members and had a quick search online for local locksmiths. All the while though, handing it back over to God for the final say! There's a fine balance between surrender and giving up. When you surrender, you are doing so from an empowered place, a place of faith. By the time you decide to give up, your personal power and faith are all but gone.


Within 10 minutes of arriving back home and at no monetary cost what so ever, the teens and I were happily inside the apartment doing exactly what I had envisioned , prayed for and expressed gratitude for, during the day. My evening was even more enjoyable and juicy knowing that I had once again, co-created a miracle. With the right minded (God influenced), inspired ideas, mind-set, x ray paper, the right people at the right time. The end of the stick that I had focussed on was the one I was experiencing in full form!

The law of polarity states that all things under the universal laws has it’s own polar opposite. Within every failure, there is a potential for success.


I felt deeply called to share this story with you today and turn it into teaching content, not to gloat about how loved and taken care of I am by all that is. (although it's true!)  Rather to invite you to begin employing this practice in your life too. To develop a practice that enables you to feel as supported and taken care of in each moment as I do. It's a simple practice that need only take a few seconds. I include an example for you to use until you develop your own.

Dear ..........
please help me to ..........................this situation.
I need your help and I thank you in advance for your guidance, love and support.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

With prayer, belief, faith and mind focus, the impossible becomes possible and the limited becomes limitless. Above all, the locked becomes unlocked.

And so it is.....


Maria k xxx



Maria K.