He Was Playing Christmas Songs in the Gym!

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It's super hot here in Goa ,India now so I usually aim to be in the gym by 7:30am the latest before the sun gets too high in the sky.

So I drag myself out of bed this morning and show up for my workout and there is a guy already there doing his thing!

Until I arrived he had been alone there so I guess he took advantage of this and had his music blaring on a very loud speaker. I didn't mind at all, in fact I enjoyed a lot of the songs and there was a variety of genres from Hip Hop to Bangra and even an old fave from when my daughter was still into Disney, from the movie Frozen.

And then.... a Christmas song comes on. And my brain goes into overdrive. I'm confused and my mind is stressy and chaotic.

Then.... there was Christmas song, after Christmas song after Christmas song. In April!

So I'm there, running on the treadmill, red faced, sweating and not only am I dealing with the physical and mental strain of running, I'm now dealing with a mind that is going crazy because of this out of season musical backdrop to my workout. 

" You just can't play Christmas songs in April!" Can you? 

It was weird for me. I had a hard time not judging and almost spoke out to the guy to turn it off! 

Why though? Why does it matter? Music is music no/yes?

I guess there's an unwritten rule that I have adopted along the way that Christmas songs are only for December and if you play them during any of the other 11 months of the year you're wrong!

 "Next, I did what I always do and I explored my discomfort and I dove deep into why I was feeling the way I was"

Whether the guy in the Gym plays Christmas music in April or not is never going to make or break any ones  Upgrade Journey. The fact that we as humans are probably running on the same kind of limitations and restrictions within our mind that make this an issue, then negatively translates into blocks and obstacles in our lives can be though. 

So, this made me think of some questions that we can ask ourselves to assist us along on our UpGrade journey. 

  • Where else are we having a hard time with something out of the norm that could in fact serve us?
  • How are we running on old ingrained ideas, beliefs, dogma or patterns that could be blocking us?
  • Could we train ourselves to become comfortable and ok with different in case the different is in fact better?

In my case, I'm decided that Christmas songs in April, especially in 33 Degree heat is a no no, although I'm glad I was able to endure it for a while, long enough to assimilate this message to you today.

It is my hope, the effects that your version of Christmas songs in Spring can be something that you begin to understand and then in turn re-wire. 

So what IS your version? what is it that perhaps unbeknown to you has been a deep unconscious pattern or belief that has blocked you from the life or changes that you've wanted?

Comment below and let me know. 

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Much love and support, 

Maria k 


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