It doesn't have to be so hard


It doesn't have to be dramatic, overwhelming or confusing either....

After many ups and downs and all the in betweens, we finally decide we want change or improvement in our lives.  

"This can't go on", we say! "Something's gotta give", we declare! 

Perhaps it's time to pursue a new project or goal? Let something go maybe? Finally be true to our heart or even address what is critical. 

We may be super clear on what we don't like in our current situation, which then helps us be clearer on what we do want and like but we don't always execute the transformation process as quickly as we'd like to and sadly sometimes never.

Even if we do have the answers and the ideas, the opportunities or the steps on how to get there and create what we want and so on, we don't always take the quick and easy route, do we?

We procrastinate the heck out of it and drive ourselves crazy with the minor details and too much thinking.....can you relate? 

Before too long perhaps we are enmeshed in dangerous mind chatter and difficult emotions that send us into those unhelpful downward spiralling states of being that will keep us stuck exactly where we don't want to be, and catapult us often right back to square one. 

It is from this unhelpful state of unrest and negative expectation that we attract and create drama and problems galore by default.

I've seen it time and time again with client's and students and yep...I've also done it myself too! . It's actually pretty fascinating to witness how powerful we are without even knowing we are doing anything at all. 

This whole shebang can play out for some of the following reasons:

  1. We were taught all our lives that we have to fight and experience pain for what we want
  2. We don't believe we deserve better
  3. We don't feel worthy of or truly ready for the outcomes we desire
  4. We are running on hidden or unknown patterns of fear (e.g of hard work, success or failure)
  5. We are not used to thriving so carry forth the expectation & vibration of struggle, suffering and drama
  6. We have a (unconscious) habit of using drama and problems as excuses to not succeed

Let me be super clear!

I'm not at all saying that change and success in your chosen area will not require some work. Of course we have to put in the effort and do things that may feel uncomfortable for a while. That's not usually the issue though. Once you're on the path and in the thick of the UpGrade you will usually be thriving and laughing your way through it, even on the tough days. 

Why is this? Because you're doing it! you're showing up for yourself, your desires and your dreams! You have stayed true to your life path despite the obstacles and problems. 

The issue at hand here is actually getting started in the first place!

Coming back from a little setback midway through your journey is easy enough. Getting started in the midst of a set back not so much.

That is why so many of us just never get ourselves off the ground.

The simplest and tips for getting started now I can give you are:

  1. Do what you said you were going to do in the first place before your mind started harping on about risks, potential failures and hard work etc
  2. Trust your gut and life's serendipity
  3. Keep it simple and focus on what is presenting now
  4. Take action today
  5. See through the drama and resolve to not get caught up in it, it'll pass
  6. Decide that you are worthy and deserving of what you want

"Life is supposed to be in your favour. We just forgot along the way and became so used to having to fight and struggle our way though to the next side! We have become too accustomed to the fight!" Maria K

If you no longer want to fight a losing battle comment below or email me at and let's arrange to chat things through asap

In loving support, 

Maria k

Maria K.