Will You?

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Consider this...?

The idea of Transformation and UpGrade can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

So much to think about. So much to consider. 

So many questions?

What if I can't? What if I fail? where do I even start? 

But what if nothing ever changes? Where does that leave us in a years time? In 10 years time? 

Sometimes, we feel the urge to do something, level up, make a change or let something or someone go and even though every cell in our being is screaming do it, there's just no way on earth that we can.

It's too hard, right?! 

We crave change so much, longing for a better way. We covet bigger, better, more yet some how, we don't allow ourselves to claim what we want.

We end up feeling awful, confused and dis-empowered. 

Settling can often seem like the easiest thing to do, in fact like the only thing to do...

There are many reasons why we do not act in alignment with our hearts desires or our gut feeling and you will have your own set of unique reasons too, but often times, our mind is responsible for holding us back. 

I know this feeling very well! Do you? 

Usually the bigger the UpGrade, the stronger and more extreme the mind chatter is so I'm familiar with the drill! I know the inner workings of it all through personal experience and also from years of coaching my clients. 

Below is a pic of one of my many jumps from high heights! I've leaped from various cliffs, bridges and mountain tops over the past 5 years. I recognized that my mind was still hindering some of my choices and quality of life so by enacting the process of mind over matter in real time, I have been able to bust through countless blocks and obstacles.  

I was being held back by my thoughts and belief, even after years of being in the game! 

Does that feel familiar? Do you desperately want change but feel you can't access it or that it's too scary? 

So consider this....

How would it feel knowing that over the next 12 weeks you will bust through every single block, limiting thought, belief and obstacle that has held you stuck until now?

What would it mean to you if you began to raise the quality of your inner and outer life starting now? 

What will it do for you each day, knowing that things will finally change for the better and that the changes, results and outcomes you desire are gradually becoming real with real results.  

No more talking about it! Instead, being and doing about it! 

If you took the video training course then you are well on your way. You have a plan and have worked through some old stuff. But what about making sure you continue to succeed? What about ensuring that you're fully supported in the next phase of actualising and converting what you want into real life results, all the while trying to live daily life and continue with your responsibilities like kid and work?

What about making sure that this time you do not leave anything to chance? 

Comment below, use the contact form or conatct me directly via maria@upgradewithmariak.com and let's arrange to chat things through asap 

Maria K.