End Your Suffering Today

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I receive countless messages each month from people who tune into my videos, read my blog or catch me some other way online or in person. I sincerely love to connect with new folk and I value the opportunity to be surrounded by those in my online community who are eager and willing to make positive changes in their lives.

I have the privilege of hearing from and speaking to individuals from all around the world who have began to wake up to a new way of life and are becoming aware that there's better coming for them, no matter how hard or impossible the past has been or the present is.

It excites me when someone first starts to understand that they have the freedom to choose differently and that life can in fact improve. 

Some people who reach out to me go onto to become private clients of mine, take one of my online training courses, book me for consulting or speaking engagements or simply remain a valued member of our UpGrade community which, by thy grace, is growing daily. 

Each day I am granted the special honour of being entrusted with peoples stories, the private and sensitive details of their lives. I get invited into peoples most sacred dreams, ideas and wishes for their future. What an honour to be part of someones inner most thoughts, desires and musings.

We often plant seeds for the bigger, better and more of their future creations and growth all in a thirty minute or less chat.  Along with with the hopes and dreams they also share with me their burdens as they tell me their pains, struggles and problems in the hope of being able to break free from the perpetual one step forwards, two steps back pattern. 

Blocks, issues and problems are part of life and to be expected. It's the deeper stuff that concerns me though. The way we are plagued by the past or the limitations that we see and experience daily. 

This week though, I have been reminded again of just how much suffering is going on behind closed doors in the the homes and in the minds and heart of the types of people who we would not expect to be going through such difficulties. Everyday people like you and me are going through daily traumas, struggles and just not living life at it's fullest potential. 

It has stirred up some sadness for me again and in a way reconnected me strongly to a very key turning point in my life and career as a coach, teacher, speaker and consultant. Having suffered my fair share in life, I simply can not stand the thought of anyone else suffering, especially when their really is no need. 

I know too much now, I know the truth, the hacks, the short cuts, the laws of the universe, the tricks of the mind the longings of the heart, the illusions of life. I have spent over 10 years studying and testing the inner workings of positive transformation, human potential and optimal success, and I now know with 100% certainty that there's a way out and up! ALWAYS.

Do you need a way out and up?

When I volunteered in Kenya, Africa, in 2012, with women and children with HIV AIDS who had been disowned by their husbands and families because of the stigma of the disease, which ironically they had contracted from their husbands in the first place, my heart shattered every day from sadness for these women who had so little and battled with ill health every day while raising their kids on little or next to nothing. However, my heart also sung and rejoiced in their company. They were so happy. They had nothing, yet they were always smiling. Always present and even though sick and poverty stricken, exuded joy.

I’d watch them line up for their basic food parcels provided for them by the women’s centre, so grateful and appreciative. In many ways, having had the privilege of observing the existence of the women of Living Positive Kenya was a turning point for me. It shone a flashlight on the suffering that so many men and women in the west live inside of daily. When my time in Africa came to an end, I made a promise to myself to help as many people as I could in my lifetime, live happy, free and successful lives. The work I do and love daily is the next step in that trajectory.

Where in your life are you suffering still? 

Would you like a way up and out of the suffering, anxiety, hopelessness, confusion and despair?

Comment below, fill out the contact form or email me direct at maria@upgradewithmariak.com and let's arrange to get on a call to talk things through next week.  

They say that suffering is a choice and while there may be some truth in that idea, there is also truth in the sheer magnitude and vastness of undertaking lasting, deep transformation alone. The truth is it can feel almost impossible to crawl out of a dark and painful situation, it can feel debilitating just thinking about taking the first step.

Maybe your first step today could be to send me an email and schedule a call with me....?

Suffering, is relative, don't ever belittle yours. Step into your next precious moment empowered that you can at least be willing to do something to end your suffering today. 

In loving support, always...

Talk soon, 

Maria  K

Maria K.