It will be full of contradictions

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Your UpGrade journey is going to be full of contradictions and moments that require from you polar opposite responses and states of being. You are unique, individual and multi-levelled, constantly in a state of flux, change and of course improvement. What fits today may not fit tomorrow, what worked last month may now be, already, outdated and stale. 

This idea applies to any and all areas of your life and business and If this is happening to you, you are not flaky or inconsistent. Just real! 

There are many variables, interchangeables and moving parts that exist within you and without us. This can cause confusion and also lead us into a state of chaos; not knowing what to do for the best outcome, feeling guilty if what we had committed to is no longer working or viable and also doubting ourselves, our feelings and decisions.

Also, there are so many teachings, theories, ideologies and practices out there it's not surprising that we can become despondent and overwhelmed. 

For example, there's the

  • Self help movement that is always telling us to want more and better, go for it, take action, push the boundaries and never give up.
  • The spiritual world of teachings that say we shouldn't push or desire or place too much emphasis on action.
  • Psychologists telling us that we have to analyse everything that we feel or think in order to thrive. 
  • Inner peace, one love and minimalist living.  
  • Affirmations, others insist on meditation.
  • Yoga, running, hiking.
  • Sleeping in, waking up at dawn.
  • Being selfless, giving to others, all day long yet others say the most important thing is taking care of our own needs. 

It's enough to drive one crazy!  

Non of it is wrong, but then, non of it is right. There is only right for NOW!

This is a huge topic and I teach entire 7 day training's (sign up HERE if you want to take my 7 day Life Transformation VIDEO training for FREE) on how to piece this all together and practice it all successfully but here are a few quick tips for you to cope with and also continue to rise thrive as you build, create and attract your version of bigger, better, more...

  1. Know yourself. Build a strong communicative relationship with your inner self. 
  2. Be rigid in your commitment to your desired outcomes, visions and dreams, and flexible in how you execute and achieve the process. 
  3. Be open to everything and attached to nothing. Experiment and experience with what you are drawn to. Practice, learn, try and test.
  4. Commit to shorter segments of rigid activities. E.g 30 day yoga practice or a particular focus in your relationship or business. Then asses. Decide if it's a good fit and providing you with the platform or results you want. Piece together what works for you and lather rinse repeat! 
  5. You may progress in cycles in your life and business. What may work well for 6-12 months may phase out as the energies and demands shift. Be privy to this and adjust accordingly. 
  6. Be flexible and willing to do things differently to how you had planned. It will save you a ton of guilt and anxiety.
  7. As long as you are progressing, you're doing just fine! You really cant get it wrong! 

Comment below or email me at and let me know what this message has stirred up for you?

In loving support,

Maria K