Story Of My Life

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Our stories, if current, empowering and truly in alliance with what we desire can flip our lives around in no time.

Have you ever used the term 'story of my life' in a sarcastic manner?

Perhaps during a conversation with another or even with yourself, muttering the magic words under your breath to justify a repeat undesired outcome, experience or situation. 

I use the word magic here because our words truly carry such power. Our words leave a trail of effects behind us and lay future foundations for what is unfolding.

For words to come out of our mouth though, we must first have to think them. To think them, means they are residing somewhere deep within us. In the shape of a belief, in the from of past experiences, in the outline of a paradigm that has become part of us. 

Admittedly, if the story that the magic words are based upon is not true or in support of what we want in life and business today and moving forward, many would argue that instead of magic, they ought to be labelled more as a curse.

Our stories, if current, empowering and truly in alliance with what we desire can flip our lives around in no time.

If however, we are reading and telling the same old bedtime story, night after night, year after year, then we will be firmly locked into the same old outcomes in life and business experiences, day after day.

Until we sit our asses down in front of our story board and decide to honestly and courageously map out and write our new story, nothing will change! Nada, τίποτα, कुछ भी तो नहीं! 

Our stories can run deep and often we have no freaking idea what they are, how hugely and detrimentally they are blocking us from the life and business we deeply crave, and furthermore how to set about successfully re-writing them. We can also have more than one story on the go at any given time, thus creating a complex web of overlapping, inter-meshed and interwoven themes, chapters and

Your story and your soul path are mysteriously and deeply interconnected, I love to dive into this with my clients and students, the moment the truth pops is truly mind blowing, heart healing and of course Life Changing. 

Your stories are dictating every tiny detail of your day, week, month and year. Every up, down, block or breakthrough. They becomes an integrated part of you and your life. It can become your default state of being, doing and reacting.

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The Story Of My Life (Snippet) 

At the age of 29 I found myself a divorced, bankrupt mummy to a 4 year old daughter and 5 year old son. Cultural and societal constructs meant that by 25 I was married, a mum and a multiple business owner. Things were not healthy or stable though. After the trauma's of the final years of marriage, my story quickly developed into "I'm lucky to have gotten out of the marriage in one piece and with some of my mental health still in tact. I don't care about money or materialism, all I care about is my babies and a peaceful life".

I became fiercely invested in my kids and my story became distorted, limiting and hindering based on some evidence provided by life and others around me. Granted what was happening or not happening was true, like for example no paternal maintenance payments or hands on help, but I didn't have to take it at face value, I could have written a different script. Back then though, I just didn't know that I could.

I adopted the story which was based on "I'm on my own. I can't build a thriving service based business without taking away from my kids and they have already been through too much". I never wanted them to suffer again and while I was being called by life to teach and coach and help others, I, with the help of my story, made it the hardest years of my life (hence the kids lives too) by resisting opportunities and believing in limits.

My stories were contradictory and conflicting and instead of empowered and thriving, I was struggling and suffering. On the outside I was full power and fully engaging but on the inside I was stuck in the lies and guilt that stemmed from believing I would fail my kids if I pursued helping other people to my fullest capacity and that life had to be hard since I was an unsupported single mother. 

Mine was a horror story! 

Today I am operating from a different story, hence me writing to you with this tiny snippet of my life and with such crystal clarity on the topic in general. Whatever it is you have been struggling with or 'failing' at. Whatever you are suffering in side of or feel so desperate about, it can change quicker than you could ever imagine. It took me years to piece together the truth. I always say "I took the long route so that you can take the short cut". 

Today, I'm inviting you to join me for the next 12 weeks of fast tracking, life and business hacking and radical story re-writing so that by summer 2018 you, your life and or business will be magically unrecognisable.

If you're ready to register for this program, you may do so my clicking HERE , if you'd like to chat, then hit reply to let me know. I'm around this weekend in between chilling, swimming and kayaking at the beach and cooking with my family. I'd sincerely love to talk with you and be of service to you, your new story and your new life.


Remember, this is a time sensitive offering, so trust your gut and act now if you feel to. 

With loving support, always....

Maria k

P.S The song and lyrics above by One Direction, are poignant to this topic, the line that stands out to me the most is "the story of my life is frozen". I'd sincerely hate for your story to be frozen in time, what about you? 

PP.S Talk to you soon....

Maria K.