Three Simple Steps to Getting Started


If you’re ready for change or want to start a new project, entrepreneurial business or any type of focused activity, then we need to address something. Why have you not started yet? No, really? It’s important to delve beneath the surface of this if we expect to get unstuck and in motion any time soon. There are many unique and individual reasons why we suppress our desires, box our dreams up aka delay starting. Many of the reason often have debilitating effects on our progress, our success, freedom and happiness, cause us much suffering and furthermore, hold us back from fulfilling our purpose and potential in life. Once we can begin to understand what is truly beneath the lack of launch and momentum with regards to new endeavors and or beginnings, we can take empowered steps both inner and outer, to turn things around for the better. Here are a few pointers to get you started on getting started!

1: What will people think?
The only opinion that matters is your own, however, the bigger the dream, change or goal, the more likely they’ll be doubt and fear knocking around in your feelings. It’s rare to find someone who has never struggled with this on some level, so don’t beat up on yourself. The best thing we can do during these times is to cocoon and self-protect. You are likely to be vulnerable due to the changes, extra load and the inner re-wiring required to undertake such a feat. Yes, it’s a mammoth task to create lasting and joyful change whether you are practiced or not, so putting yourself out of reach of negative words, judgements or influence is paramount. The last thing you need, is someone fueling all of that and causing you to second guess yourself, or offer you temptation to quit or not start in the first place. Prep yourself and your environment through self-care, mindset training and anything else that is needed. Organize your inner circle to include people who uplift you and support you and finally let go of those who don’t share your vision or drive for success and positive change.

2: I’m not ready
Regardless of how strong the desire, inspiration or even desperation to change something, or up level in life or business, there’s a lie that most humans have been fed since birth that has been adopted as truth, and it’s killing dreams all over the planet. The fact that there’s a certain state of perfect readiness required before you start lead to beliefs like, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t’ have enough qualifications”, “I don’t have enough money, equipment or time”. If we take all those social innuendos at face value we would never progress or bust ourselves out of a bind, ever. Maybe for some who do not have freedom or health as a luxury, we must offer the benefit of the doubt, real life happens and it can for some be debilitating. But, in your own heart, you will know how honest you are being with yourself. In truth, we wait around for conditions to be perfect before we begin because we are afraid of chaos or imperfection. Progress is born purely out of chaos and right now you have never been readier to take the first step towards change or upgrading. Start where you are at, with the recourses that you have with the time that you can segment each day. Blocks and obstacles are crushed through action, so what small piece of action could you take today to get started?

3: It’s too complicated, I feel overwhelmed. 
The reason we get overwhelmed is we try to run before we can walk and that keeps us stuck and debilitated. Our mind races ahead and wants to have all the details and results on the table before we start the meal. Changing our approach and simplifying the plan will instantly relieve pressure. There’s no room for perfectionism if you can’t even start in the first place. Look at what you want to create or change and check in with your ideas or plan. Is there a way you can break it down? Could you unravel it and make it stupidly simple? Success isn’t measured by the best business plan, diet and exercise regime or workout gear, the most impressive tech set up or website. Success is measured by the results, and if you have not even started then, results are not going to happen any time soon! Fancy logos, intricate training systems, outside investment, shop fronts or websites can take time and more importantly a certain mindset and inner strength to bring into fruition. Momentum breeds momentum, so Starting with the minutest of steps, even if it may bug you for being basic, will provide you with clarity, inspiration and motivation for further steps in the right direction.

Maria K.