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I never tire of receiving feedback like this. Carlee, a coaching client of mine, took a few moments to share her experiences with me as her coach with our UpGrade community yesterday and it just blew me away. Of-course it's nice to know that what I'm doing for my clients is still working but above all I'm ridiculously happy for her. She put in the work and it's paying off massively.

When you invest in yourself the biggest ROI is an UpGraded YOU! 

Coaching is one of those things that, regardless of how much data collection, reviewing and checking in one does, the results and tangible impact can sometimes take a while to shine through and for some time, can be difficult to describe or demonstrate to others who are watching with baited breath. 

Coaching in the form that it is presented in today is pretty new. Yet, if we liken it to the way that tribes, villages and communities of the distant past, it is simply a form of reinventing the wheel!

The idea of having a person in your life who is practiced, more experienced. Someone who can help you navigate and organize yourself, motivate you, reach your goals, clear up your issues and problems and see more clearly what you are too enmeshed or overwhelmed to be able to, is a pretty ancient practice. 

The ancients had a saying that I truly love - "the eye can't see the eye". 

Please note, it is not the same as therapy or counseling. coaching is all about the forward momentum and getting you where you want to be as quickly as is possible. 

Many moons ago, when I hired my first ever coach (yep! every coach needs a coach!), my life changed dramatically...for the better! Those months spent diving in, facing myself and transforming my inner workings have laid solid foundations for everything I have done or created since.

I have included Carlee's review here for you to skim. You can go to the post by clicking on the image and show her some love and encouragement; she is still on her journey and it would awesome if we all rooted for her!

TIME SENSETIVE 9th & 10th June 2018

I am opening a few Discovery slots this weekend, because I feel perhaps it might be time that you had some proper support, accountability and guidance in life, love, health, finances, purpose and business. You can use this link to book a time to talk with me via skype, zoom or fb phone. WhatsApp is possible too. 

Some FAQ

1- What is a discovery consultation? 

A free 20-minute coaching style conversation to help you gain clarity around your goals, problems & next steps.

2- Will it cost me anything? 


3- Will I be obliged to buy something?


If you you want to grab a time to talk this weekend click HERE, it would be a pleasure to be of assistance. 

In constant loving support, Maria K 

Maria K.