Sky Rocket Your Productivity with these Three Simple Steps


I’m always preaching the ‘do more’ ethos with regards to growing a business, empire or creating more success in a chosen area. Things cannot and will not change unless there’s action. More action, different action and often mind numbingly repetitive action form the foundation of most successes.

Depending on the goals or desired outcomes, it’s very likely certain things will need to be carried out, day after day, week after week, month, year and decade. There will also be periods that will require a bigger surge of extra energy and time expenditure than others perhaps with the launch of a new project, new health regime, acquisition of a new role or department, responsibility, up level or client.

There will be times when you won’t feel particularly motivated or focused though and certain times of the day, week, month or year when distractions are high and efficiency is lower. They’ll be stints when you can’t even catch your breath from the weight and responsibility of your to do list. It’s during these times that productivity can suffer most.

It’s not the end of the world if this happens now and again, but if this is an ongoing pattern, it will negatively impact on your outcomes, successes and results and it’s simply not necessary for this to happen. Here are three of my not so conventional tips for productivity enhancement.

Couple one or more of these ideas with the traditional approach like to do lists and changing environments, for a new and improved level of competence, efficiency and production. 

Intuitive Hour

Stop filling your days with back to back commitments and activities. Allow for those spontaneous moments of inspiration to lead you into a burst of aligned activity and productivity. We are generally governed by our mind which can become easily overwhelmed and stuck.

When you press the pause button and give the mind a moment to be still, it opens-up space for flow. Start by blocking out an hour in your diary per week and label it intuitive hour. When this hour of the week arrives, stop and feel into what you feel inspired to do.

Allow your inner guidance to lead you into what will be the best use of that time to maximize in the long run. It could be taking a walk outside to refresh, a power nap to rest, clearing your desk to declutter, writing up your business plan, next training course or sending that overdue email to generate a feeling of empowerment.

Once you begin to get used to this way of working, increase the hour to a few times per week and then perhaps once per day.


Check that what you´re trying to be productive in is in alignment. Are you trying to force yourself to be or do the impossible? Are you trying to be productive in an area that you’re either not passionate about or skilled in?

While it’s great to get stuck in and develop new skills, and by no means is this an invitation to avoid, it pays to asses whether it’s a good use of your time?

Maximizing your strengths and delegating the tasks that others can do quicker and better than you, are a supersensible approach and will instantly sky rocket your productivity in areas that you excel in because you’ll be far less likely to procrastinate on something that you are good at and enjoy.

Congruency is key in keeping you moving steadfastly forwards. Carry out a little inner exploration, check the authenticity of your path and choices. It may be that you’re uninspired, unstimulated or misaligned and not a lazy procrastinator after all. Use explorative questions often to check in with yourself and course correct when needed.

Change Your Mind

When we develop a mindset that supports our limitless nature, we increase our potential to do and be more. It doesn’t matter who you are, how or where you were raised and what line of work you are in, it’s likely that right now you are operating somewhere below your peak. Is that a bad thing?

Not if you’re happy no! If you are seeking to upgrade and progress in one or more areas, personally and professionally though, hovering in the mediocre zone will cause you a myriad of issues.

The great news is, this can be transformed with some intention and attention. Begin spending time each day affirming your competence, proficiency and strength. Acknowledge any beliefs that are in misalignment with your desired outcomes and goals, and create a set of power statements that describe the traits and habits you desire to develop.

Over time you will re-wire your brain’s neuropathways to think, be and act in absolute alignment with what you want. As you begin to see physical evidence of these inner changes manifesting as tangible results, your confidence in your ability to perpetually produce at heightened aptitudes will strengthen, which will then breed more of the same. 

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