Aiding change & success with Self-Awareness

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Self-Awareness is the bedrock upon which steadfast successes and positive, lasting changes are built upon. Developing an ability to observe yourself with the inquisitiveness of a detectiveis no longer a fluffy, only for the uber spiritual or 1%-ers kind of activity. The ability to understand your emotions, recognize your feelings, observe how they are interconnecting with your environment, the people in it and your results or outcomes, is like permanently flipping the on switch to the mega super powered flood light. Self-awareness is now a necessity if you want to succeed and thrive so the activities that assist us in becoming more self-aware are no longer considered luxurious or indulgent. 

With an illuminated terrain ahead, any impediments, damage or hindrances are instantly visible to you, and if handled accordingly can no longer cause havoc and drama. Furthermore, living in close quarters with your inner self will allow you to receive accurate real-time feedback about yourself, people and life decisions, enabling you to continue to move step by step closer to the awesome version of you, your relationships, business and life.

So how do we enhance the communicative relationship we have with ourselves? How can we best develop and utilize the inner satellite navigation system that we are all born with to aid change and success? Here are five tips to get you started. Please don’t worry if you don’t like any of those activities. These are simply prompts that you can use to become inspired. Find what feels good for you. If the activity assists you in disengaging from day to day life, is fun or relaxing and allows you to integrate back into yourself you’re on the right track.


1-  Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the observation of oneself, one’s thoughts, emotions and feelings in any given moment. It can be carried out anytime, anyplace and developed and integrated via everyday activities like cooking, gardening and driving. It is helpful to engage in practices such as meditation and breathing techniques though to deepen the experience of tapping out to tap back in. Whichever the option, being still and silent often provides the space for true feelings, thoughts and inspiration to rise to the surface to be felt, noticed, pieced together and understood. Mindfulness is massively on the rise in schools and corporations as a means of unlocking potential and performance abilities.

2-  Movement

Simple movement encourages the slowing down of the thought by shifting attention from mind to body. Engaging the body is a powerful medium for increasing awareness of self and to boot, is a super potent and pretty instant natural mood and energy booster. Activities such as walking, running, dancing, swimming, or anything that snaps us into the moment is a good option, even a quick full body wiggle or shake on your bathroom break can help to click you back into feeling mode. Physical activity forces us to reconnect with our breathing, and helps to recognize and then release tension which is usually a form of stuck, unhelpful emotion.

     3- Writing

Journaling, jotting down your thoughts or even typing a few bullet points in the notes section of your phone is a good way to get an insight into your current state. It can often be better than speaking to a friend because your journal will not interrupt you when you’re in the flow, is unbiased, and you can re-visit the text to explore when you have some spare time. An effective exercise is to set an alarm several times per day on your phone as a reminder to pause, close your eyes and write down what your main thoughts and emotions are in that moment. This will provide you with a bank of information from which to gather insights and clarity, learn how certain situations affect you and which environments and people allow you to thrive over others.

4-  Nature

Being outdoors in nature instantly drops us into a peaceful state. Peace, tranquility, serenity are all majorly conducive states for self-awareness. The act of breathing in fresh air, soaking in greenery or the sound of the ocean is like plugging yourself in to be recharged. Depletion and exhaustion often hinder us from connection. If we are running on survival mode, trying to get through the day, numbing ourselves with alcohol or artificially boosting ourselves with caffeine, there’s very little time, link to self, and energy left for tackling the inner emotional stuff. Time in nature can revive your capacity to feel and observe. Also, taking in the beauty of nature or the animal kingdom is an instant mood booster. We are more likely to feel inclined to be present with what is if we are feeling balanced and replenished.

5-  Creativity

Creative expression is not only good for the soul, it is also an excellent teacher. Any form of creative output will show you new insights about your true nature or the reality of a situation. Creative activities which are not limited to arts, crafts or painting by the way, are not only calming, relaxing, but will also very quickly reflect to you your current state and any elements of your mindset or patterning that are perhaps hindering your growth and success moving forward. Cooking, music, dance, writing, and of course traditional arts are all creative outlets which provide beautiful space for your inner self to shine through and the cool thing is, you’ll likely see the revelations in your creations as well as notice clearer feelings, sensations and emotions being evoked during the process.