Three Pillars of Entrepreneurism, Peak Performance and Radical Success


The myth that creating and living the personal and professional life you desire should come easy, be easy and that we are entitled to it all simply because we said so is destroying way too many dreams and holding back an immense number of people who have a great deal to offer the world. If their ideas, abilities and core messages remain unsaid, unactualized and their potential unrealized not only will they themselves be unfulfilled, but so will the market, people and problems they are destined to help. This pattern is forming the basis of a deeply detrimental epidemic of victimhood and disempowerment.

This does not need to continue though. It’s simply a case of misinformation and mismanagement. We have at our finger tips everything needed to turn this around over time. Notice I wrote ‘over time’. Rome was not built in a day, neither was the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Egypt or the Taj Mahal. Peak performance athletes spend their entire lives in training, failing as much as succeeding, and choosing where they allocate their energy, time and focus. Some would see that as a pity worthy sacrifice. I surely don’t. Impatience, misaligned mindset and a disconnection from the reality of what it truly entails to succeed in the radical, alternative and high level that many are feeling the pull towards these days are prime culprits.

Of course, we each have the right to choose. But if there’s one or more areas of life or business that is displeasing, then it would pay to explore whether it’s being approached with a full out attitude or the safer option of “I’ll give it a try”. We have been placed in what can be deemed as the most beneficial and opportunity packed era. I’m optimistic. I see so much potential in individuals, entrepreneurs and companies and I also see that we are opening, gradually to a new way of operating. The merging of attitudes, ideas, philosophies and practices. For me as a performance coach and motivational speaker working in a diverse set of arenas it excites me. I make it my duty to share as many truths as I know them to be, based on my own experience and that of my clients, students and upgrade community members. It is in that vein that I bring you the following three pillars of entrepreneurism, success and peak performance.

Work hard

To be clear, when we speak of hard work what we really mean is hard smart work. Aligning the actions with the intentions and the desired outcomes is paramount for success and will help you to avoid burning out. I do apologize if this is not what you were hoping to read from someone like me, who also teaches lifestyle balance, selfcare and metaphysics as it can seem a little contradictory. I get it! My core values are success, freedom and happiness after all! The truth is though if you are wanting to completely overhaul your current reality or even a small part of it, you’re going to have to do things that stretch you. There will be periods of imbalance which is totally fine if we can practice the art of re-calibrating each day. Often what matters most is how we perceive things to be, how grateful we can be for the freedom that we do have and how happy we can get along the way, as we create and carve out the details of our vision, during the journey. Working hard on the outside is obvious but there’s another piece to this that sometimes gets by passed yet is quite often the glue that holds us together during times of challenge, change and expansion. Outer work must be matched with inner work. Mindset, personal development, self-awareness and emotional intelligence must become a large feature of an individual or company who are reaching for higher heights. An individual or group of people who are not developing on a personal level, will inevitably hinder the growth and expansion of the more tangible and concrete outcomes.

Dedication not sacrifice

I prefer the word dedicate over sacrifice. It is more in line with the empowered decision one has made to utilize the immense inner strength and limitless capacities that reside within them to live the life and build the empire or project that they want. If you have done the ground work to ensure you know what you want, that the mission you have chosen is authentic and deeply inspired by the passion in your belly or intertwined with your life purpose, then you’ll hardly ever begrudge the choices you’ll make that may look on the outside as a sacrifice. If you get your mindset on your side, you’ll in fact often feel empowered by your choice to follow through on making your deepest desires a reality, even if it means missing out on leisure time. Pick the things in your life that you want to prioritize like family, partner, health etc. then build them in alongside your life’s mission, your work, your daily hustle. Design your days, weeks, weekends and months around your central theme and then allow nothing much else to muddy those waters. See it as a time of building, creating and molding. See it as claiming your life, taking back your power, being the boss of yourself.

Don’t try, DO!

“I’m doing It” is far more final than “I’m trying”! When we ‘try’ we leave ourselves plenty of wiggle room for our basic humanistic behaviors to overtake. Comfort and certainty are some of our most primal needs and often we will manipulate the heck out of a situation to hang on to these states if we can. We all know that nothing much great came from anything that resembles a comfort zone. The ‘trying mind’ will procrastinate, do less, doubt and retreat when the going gets tough. The ‘doing it mind’ will go the extra mile, do it despite the doubt and engage in all manner of options and possibilities until the solution has been nailed and the outcome reached. The reason that so many of us fail is because we did not put all our chips on the table at the time of dealing. It is totally understandable as to why this would be. Putting yourself out there, committing to something big, different or new can raise many fears. Fear of others judgement, fear of failure and the biggie, fear of our inability to withstand the intensity of the work involved. The power of one’s decisions must never be underestimated. It doesn’t mean it’ll all get done today or in one year, it’s not a speed thing. A ‘doing it’ attitude doesn’t change the façade, timeline and nature of the journey. There will still be backbreaking ‘work’, intense risks, uncertainties, changes and fears, but it does change things on the inside. The mind is the hub of everything, so if the mind believes that it’s being done, albeit at a slower pace than hoped for, then without a doubt, the goals, dreams and desires will become the reality that you wake up to, to engage in and live from someday, sometime, Along the way, notice the pieces of evidence that reinforce to you that you are indeed doing it as opposed to trying!

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