Enough is enough, Doreen Virtue

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I have been following the unfolding of Doreen’s renouncement of ‘New Age’, in favor of Christianity since it began. I have been following as an observer, as I tend to do with many things. Gathering clarity, gaining as much understanding as I can of all angles, aspects and stances, and using it as another opportunity to process more deeply our current climate, the human condition as well as my own personal and professional journey.

I have not, and still do not, have a need to jump into judgement or to prove another wrong for their beliefs, actions or inactions, so that I can be right, and by writing this piece, I am not in any way swaying from my core values of tolerance, noninterference and unconditional acceptance.

What I saw yesterday posted on Facebook, however, by the woman that so many of us have looked to for guidance, support and leadership in the past, has brought me to a place where I often find myself in my work today, which has in fact been a continuation of my nature from childhood. A place where I feel I must speak out to help out.

I am for the people. I am passionate about empowering people and helping them to come back to themselves, to become their own gurus, to remind them of their divinity, to become one with their own inner guidance systems and to do whatever they can do to create and live their best lives in whichever manner that may feel aligned with at any given time.

The truth is, any time we rely solely on anything external to give us answers, make us feel better, numb pain or mask the truth, we are pulling ourselves away from our center, we are giving away our power. I have studied, observed and been around many who do use modalities such as oracle cards, psychic mediums and ‘other peoples’ opinions to dodge the inner work that is required to become their best self, and to avoid stepping into their own brilliance. This, however, is not the only way that the ‘New Age’ as Doreen refers to it, is being practiced.

If we want to get a bit technical, there is absolutely nothing ‘new’ about this age. We are simply seeing a resurgence of very ancient practices and rituals, that have been around as long as people have been on this planet. From the tribal women gathering monthly in red tents, to the village medicine man with lines of people waiting to be treated. From our Grandfathers who would follow the moon cycles to ensure a good crop, to our Grandmothers who would seek the guidance of the local gypsy woman to help their off spring with a childhood fear. From the tea leaf readers, coffee cup readers, to palm readers to astrologers, yogis, shamans and gurus. None of this is new.

I really don’t mind what you believe in, no matter who you are or what work you are doing. We are all unique and induvial, that’s what makes this world so amazing to live in at this time. What I do mind though, is when you use scare mongering, aggression and belligerence when communicating your opinions to people who once looked to you as a sage. When we have stepped into a leadership role, whether on social media or in any other arena, it is our responsibility to lovingly facilitate and guide, not force, shame and humiliate.

My truth is this. If someone is called to my work, feels an affiliation with it or with me, then it is a blessing, and I feel it is my duty to take that person under my wing with love and sensitivity as they grow their own wings of strength, clarity, certainty and courage. It is not my right to brain wash them though, to ‘convert them’ to a way of thinking or being that will in effect, be for my own benefit, out of fear, lest I be judged or condemned by Jesus or some other illusory danger. My primary duty is to bring out the very best in them.

The image I saw yesterday on Facebook, posted by Doreen virtue, depicted oracle cards with the same type of warning found on cigarette packaging. Warning her followers that ‘psychic cards can attract demons and lead you on to the wrong path’. I didn’t read the entire post, I have already seen enough. What I did see were words such as ‘demons’ and ‘sin’. Some may argue that I can’t comment if I don’t know the full story.

What I do know is that stances such as these, which are clearly extremist, do not have a place in the type of world we are all craving to live in. A world where we are free to choose based on what feels right for us. A world where we are building through love, community, support, respect and tolerance. Making someone else wrong for believing something that you no longer believe in, to me, is not a basis for high vibrational living.

Living our best life can only come about when we free ourselves from fear and attachment. If we are too busy treading on eggshells though, frantically trying to avoid ‘doing wrong’ by a man-made book or set of rules, while turning our back on our own inner guidance systems, then we are already treading on dangerous ground. We are no longer our own person.

I believe that our number one power tool in life is self-awareness. The ability to tune in, at any given moment, to feel into our hearts, recognize our desires, observe our emotions and thoughts, and the life unfolding around us. To be able to discern which way to turn, what to pursue or when to let go, is the most empowering ability we can develop. If we choose to pray to God, take communion, utilize oracle cards, chant with the Yogis, worship the full moon, follow the teachings of the Dalai Lama, or harness the power of plant medicine to support ourselves, our success, freedom and happiness, and our communication lines with the divine along the way, then so be it.

None of it is wrong. None of it is right. There is only right for right now, and only you can truly know what that is.

Maria K.