Three Hacks For Optimal Performance & results


Wanting to become better and upgrade to the next level is a natural human trait, we are constantly seeking improvement. Since we are evolutionary beings, the deep desire for progress and advancement already resides naturally within us.

Perhaps you can identify moments where you genuinely felt pulled towards something different or intensely inspired or excited by a new idea or project?

We already have inbuilt within us the first step in the process of actualizing a desire, project, idea or goal from its inception, so with the right bespoke strategies, systems and specifics in place we can utilize this innate condition to maximize our results, outcomes and successes.

With these three simple hacks you can begin to get more of what you covet while ensuring you are progressing in the areas you want and need to.

Mind your mind

Your mind is the hub of your world, it truly impacts on the unfolding events and circumstances that you are or are not living. If your thoughts are not in alignment with what you want to achieve, you’ll likely encounter obstacles, delays and drama.

Spending ten minutes a day to hone your mind and bring it into alliance with your desired outcomes will ensure your thoughts and focus are where they need to be.

Observe which thoughts are in opposition of what you are building or changing, flip them on their back and bring them to the fore of your mind often throughout the day. Words are a powerful representation of what’s residing within your mind and this exercise will ensure that it is working for you rather than against you.

See yourself succeeding

Become super clear on what it is you want and even clearer on ‘why’! Spend a few minutes with eyes closed or open, bringing to life the image of your desired outcome in your mind’s eye.

While you watch the movie playing out of you succeeding, achieving, hitting goals or targets, step into the scene, notice details like where you are, the expression on your face, who else is there, the tangible positive improvements and what it feels like in your body.

Bringing it to life in this way gives your mind additional material and evidence to back you up when times get tough, doubts creep in or things aren’t going so well.

Doing this exercise as soon as you wake up, before properly starting your day is an optimal choice as it works well when done in a relaxed, fun and playful manner and most importantly before the mind fully wakes up.  

Deliberately create

Have you noticed that things run more smoothly when you are in a better mood? Your mind is quicker, you are not so overwhelmed and your performance is higher.

To generate optimal results, we must be in an optimal state. Your state of being is made up of your mental, physical and emotional condition. The happier, less stressed you are, the higher you’ll be in state.

By spending a few minutes in the morning and afternoon carrying out some simple mental, emotional and physical activities, you can create a higher energetic and balanced state of being that will keep you on course and support you through trying or stressful moments without depleting or setting you back.

A little goes a long way e.g. two minutes of conscious breathing after lunch can boost your energy and recalibrate your focus for the rest of the day.

Maria K.Comment