Beneath the Surface of Success and High Performance 


A long time ago, (in my old life) when I was sleepwalking through my days, I began to wake up to how I was handing my power over to an outdated story, a culture, society, religion, and my own low self-worth.

I was craving the kind of freedom that can come when we start to see that we had the power all along, and when it came…

I latched onto this truth and made it the new backbone of my days. I clung on for dear life. “I’m in charge now”, was my new outlook and for the very most part, it faired me extremely well. 

‘Life by design’, ‘create your own reality’, ‘you are the boss of your life’, ‘mind over matter’, ‘just do it’

These are all phrases that I used to buy into without a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked. I still do, so please do not misunderstand this as an invitation to down your alchemistic power tools, revert to victimhood, switch back from the driver’s to passenger seat, or let life live you rather than you living it – but there is more to this equation, I have come to know, and that is what I will share with you today.

If you’ve read my book ‘I Am UpGrading’ or come across any of my online content, you may already be familiar with my self-created equation for living a successful, free and happy life and being an active co-creator of your next UpGrade – whether personal, professional or a hybrid of both. 

Heart + Mind + Universe = UpGrade. 

In short, our heart (which is now scientifically proven to have its own brain type intelligence – see Heart Math website for more information) will tell us where to go, what to pursue, how to proceed. Our mind will help us strategize, plan and troubleshoot. Since both processes are being filtered through our humanisms, which can be limited by fears, expectations, beliefs and past experiences, we do well to call on or lean on the limitless universe to do its part.

Yes – in theory, we are powerful beings with limitless potential, and we can transcend all manner of blocks and obstacles and co-create all types of miraculous turn arounds, but we are also complex and multi-layered.

Life is just never as simple as it seems in the fairytale or movies. 

And since the universe is capable of intervening on our behalf and in our favor, is all-encompassing and energetic in nature; and the earth, stars, and planets, seasons and moon cycles are components of this cosmic space - we cannot ignore that even though we always have free will choice, there is a backdrop to our existence that is way stronger than a solid mindset or a kick-butt strategy.

Each of us is intertwined with and powered by the same thing that makes the flowers flourish in spring, the tides of the ocean fluctuate so dramatically, and the animal kingdom instinctively hibernates during the cold winter months.

I am and always will be a teacher, and an advocate of self-mastery and high performance – I’ll never drop the ball on mindset training and emotional intelligence development or demean the importance of motivation and resilience training, but I also believe in the holistic approach – everything is connected. When we begin to acknowledge our connection to the cosmos, astrology, and nature we begin to tap into a whole well of potency, power and potential. 

The Moon 

I will never forget my first full moon living on the beach in Goa – the beach disappeared rapidly, and we were cajoled – all be it semi - urgently, to retreat into our homes as a pose to hanging on the sand after dinner until late into the night. If the moon can impact vast bodies of water such as the Arabian Sea in such a way, think of how it can affect us, humans.

Since we are around seventy-five percent water, our emotions are tied to this too.

We can often experience severe tiredness, heightened emotions or fluctuating mood states during a full or new moon. Make yourself aware of the moon cycle and begin to observe yourself closely – listen to your inner guidance and adjust your schedule as much as you can.

Traditionally women would menstruate during a full moon and would take more rest, giving them a chance to process and clear (literally) the mental, physical and emotional gunk of the previous month.

For both men and women, a full moon can be a time for release and letting go.

Sleep can be disturbed somewhat; but instead of stressing over temporary insomnia, use it as a time to reflect, journal and come into more aligned presence with your inner self.

Simply put, when you are aware of where the moon is at in her cycle, you will spend far less time in anxiety states, worrying that you are losing your mind or that you are regressing onto old undesirable mindsets or habits – it’s a great tool to help you chill when it’s time to, go in strong when it’s time to, cry to release when needed or when it’s a new moon, start a brand new power project! 

The Seasons

Even though I am not a fan of the colder climes, and I left a cold country to turn my winters tropical, the yearly seasonal cycles have a lot to answer for and are a great guide!

The potency of the changing seasons is indisputable, each cluster of months has its theme, purpose, and potential.

Previous generations, especially those in agriculture, would design and live their entire lives to flow with the changes and to enhance performance, tap into abundance and improve quality of life. We still seem to get this very wrong in the West. Forcing our poor bodies to push harder in the colder, darker months and ignoring our inner cries for a slower gentler pace. I am not saying we should all crawl under the duvet from September to May – rather

I am encouraging that we become present to the energy of each cycle and work with rather than against the grain.

For example, the end of summer, into the fall months are perfect for reaping the rewards and harvesting the fruits of your labor from earlier in the year. Whether in business or personal arenas, April is a great month to begin to maximize the fertile grounds for growth, change or success – so it is a great time to go full throttle, start new or additional projects, and utilize the lighter nights and longer days.

Bottom line is, listen to your inner guidance, spend time outdoors and re-connect with nature. 

Our Life Cycles 

Just like the seasons, moon and planetary cycles, we too have life patterns, themes, and cycles. Again, I confirm that the bottom line is, you do have ‘the power’, but sometimes a situation or experience has to simple play itself out.

We can indeed speed up the process by engaging with inner re-engineering and self-mastery work, but until we are truly ready, some of the deeply entrenched patterns that sit way beneath the mind and emotions, will not budge. The top tip I can give you here is to leave no stone unturned in your self-exploration

Just when you think you have cracked it, look again, peel back yet another layer and always be willing to be proven wrong or see something differently.

The danger is - when we think we know, we no longer grow. It is totally possible to be building ourselves and our lives up whilst simultaneously dismantling and reorganizing our deeply engrained coding – you can, and I highly recommend, that you engage in it all, rigorously and passionately.

Your healing, UpGrading, awareness and tangible positive outcomes will occur in phases

And there’s often no rhyme or reason to get used to marvel in the mystery of it all. Your beingness consists of layers too – like the layers of the earth. Some are easier to access than others and there is no one size fits all system or strategy to the process. Again, commit to being present and aware, noticing, reflecting, exploring and above all accepting and loving your journey regardless of how close you are to your destination. 

It’s in the Stars 

As you know, I spent a good chunk of time refusing point-blank to hand my power over to something that I could not see or fully assimilate – in reality though, the more awake and connected to the universe I have become, the more deeply and regularly I am touched by cosmic activity and I am pleased to say I have happily and gracefully surrendered!

I do not claim to be an expert astrologer (I will link a few people who are throughout this blog and below), but I do pride myself in now working with the energies rather than against them. When we try to skip over what is truly happening in the skies and force ourselves into states of being that are unproductive not to mention highly uncomfortable – we are living in a kind of false or forced state which is highly stressful.

If you are on a path of ascension, or if you are seeking to make the best of each day and create the life you desire and deserve, you will not be exempt from this – as the universe UpGrades itself, you will be receiving the ripple effects of these cosmic UpGrades too.

If you can trust the process and go with it - maximize the waves, you’ll soon find yourself soaring more often than crashing.

As always, begin with developing a greater sense of self-awareness – practice noticing any changes in your habits, thoughts, feelings or even any unusual physical ailments and act according to what you see and feel.


Remember, you are a part of a much bigger picture that is not limited to what you can think, see, touch, taste and hear with your five senses. If something is on your mind, in your heart, nudging you or yanking at you for attention, to change something - or appearing in your life repeatedly, take notice and take a chance for change.

Life, the cosmos, the stars, and the entire universe always providing you with loving support and guidance. 


Maria K.


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