‘I Am UpGrading’ Retreat - Live Stream from Goa, India


NOVEMBER 12th, 13th, 14th 2019


“We are going to be going deep, we are going to be rearranging and clearing the debris, and we are going to be rising to bigger, better and stronger than ever before; and we are going to be doing it together.”


It’s time to take transformation to a whole new level!

Join us from your own home!

We know so many of you have wanted to be with us for the retreat and understand that timing, travel and logistics aren’t aligning for you, so ta daa - if you can’t come to us, we will come to you!

Session times will be mid morning in India which is morning in Europe and evening in North America. If you can’t join us live, you will have full lifetime access to all the recordings.

We are making it happen - we will bring the spirit of India into your home and your heart!

We are opening up the retreat for you to partake in a variety of the activities via live stream or in your own time via the recording. Join us for yoga, workshops, meditation, sacred healing movement, inner spiritual journeying, energy healing, cellular activation, chanting and more.


I am excited to be your guide and facilitator on this deeply healing and transformative journey.


Join us for three days of …

  • Workshops / Training

  • Healing / Activation / Cellular UpGrade

  • Chanting / Mantra

  • Yoga / Pranayama

  • Meditation / Guided Visualization

  • Chakra Re-balancing / Sound Healing

  • Drumming / Healing Dance



Your new life starts here…

I’m so happy you are considering joining us this November for our first ‘I Am UpGrading retreat’ in this setting. The fact that you are reading this shows me that you are ready for this life changing experience. Having run retreats in the past, and, also attended many myself, I have come to know that you never return as the same person. I have a very certain feeling that the ‘I Am UpGrading’ retreat 2019 is not one to miss. 

We are going to be going deep, we are going to be rearranging and clearing the debris, and we are going to be rising bigger, better and stronger than ever before; and we are going to be doing it together.

This retreat is unique in that we will be tending the whole of YOU! It’s not a straight yoga, meditation or breath work week. (boring!!) It is an ‘I am open to everything and attached to nothing week’! 

I will be creating and holding the space in the very best way I know how, for you to achieve the most powerful and lasting transformation.

You will get exactly what you need at the time, that’s just the way these things work if we approach them with a willingness to receive in our fullest capacity.

You will feel & experience…

• Adventure
• Comfort Zone Dismantling
• Heart & Soul Healing
• Emotional Clearing
• Mindset Re-Wiring
• Encouragement
• Crying
• Laughing

• Rising
• Learning
• Breaking Habits
• Stretching
• Swimming
• Chanting
• Revealing
• Motivated

• Self-Love
• Connecting
• Resting
• New beginnings
• Change
• Creation
• Transformation
• Dancing


With Mother India and Tropical Goa as Our Backdrop…

Utilizing the strong energies of mother India, the profound spiritual backdrop of the Hindu culture, the instantaneous healing nature of the beach and ocean and fusing them together not only with the UpGrade systems (my teachings), and the fun and comfortable setting of Nada Brahma (which means ‘the world is sound’), but also working closely with your own and my own inner guidance. Just like I do with my private clients. The universe is always our team mate in all of this. 

The spirit of India will start to transmit to you the moment you book your flight, and set about getting your visa, and believe me when I say, there is nothing more profound and strong than mother India touching your soul, entering your energy field, and setting you up on your path to greatness! 

I am blessed to call these lands my home. 

The timetable and schedule are planned in advance, and include yoga, workshops, energy work, healing dance, group coaching etc. But, I always leave room for whatever needs to unfold and change, for your needs, and to align and re-align according to your highest good. Aside from our pre-planned activities which you’ll see on the timetable, expect some surprises! 

Set on the beach where I found myself when I first moved to India almost five years ago, Nada Brahma is run by amazing people who really know how to take care of their guests. The beach is quiet yet not deserted, so if you enjoy people watching you’ll be in for a treat. Sunset on this beach is a daily occasion, with people gathering and stopping what they are doing to relish in the gorgeous pink delight that in November usually sets around 6pm ish and the water is a nice temperature for swimming throughout the day.




Accommodation is an ‘UpGraded’ take on the traditional beach shack huts that the locals started building around twenty years ago. The materials used in the Nada Brahma huts are much better quality, they are more spacious, and provide good privacy and sound proofing. 

The beach huts offer a view of the ocean from your bed, and you can hear the ocean at night from anywhere on the site. Each hut has a private balcony with shaded seating area, private outdoor toilet and shower with hot water, king size bed or twin beds with thick comfy mattress, wardrobe, and free Wi-Fi.

Board is on an all-inclusive basis. 

There is a twenty-four-hour surveillance at the property, in the form of our lovely local team of staff, headed by Krishna and Shanti and there is also a safety deposit box if you would like to lock up your valuables for the duration of your stay.

Although this is not a detox retreat, since we are in the land of vegetarianism, fresh tropical fruits and locally grown vegetables, the menu will be entirely meat and fish free. My ethos around food, drink and the retreat is this, ‘since we are all gathering with intention to UpGrade, then why not give our bodies a chance to get in on the action too?’

The menu will also be alcohol and coffee free, and it will be packed with fun, fresh, wholesome foods with an emphasis on taste, pleasure and self-love. I promise you will not go hungry! That would be impossible since I’m Greek Cypriot and I was raised, as most Cypriot women, to be a feeder! If a week of a vegan or vegetarian diet does not feel like self-love to you, or if going without your morning coffee is a no no, then please let us know. Alcohol, meat and coffee can also be purchased on site if you so choose. All I ask is that you tune in to what is best for you at this time. 

For your meals, you will choose from an à la carte menu for breakfast and lunch and enjoy a leisurely buffet style evening meal with your retreat-mates, which will be centered around Indian food, prepared by our local chefs, with some international cuisine for variety. You will also be provided with regular nourishing and wholesome refreshments, such as fresh herbal teas, fresh coconut water, lime sodas, smoothies, juices and surprise dessert every evening! 

Although all the activities are group based,  you will spend some one on one time with me throughout the week, in a pre-arranged coaching style conversation, to take stock and address anything that is coming up for you and also lay out how you will maximize the results, and integrate back into daily life in a way that meets your desired vision.

Prepare for your retreat…


It is my honor and pleasure to invite you to this sacred week. I know it will be life changing for you, and so it is.

Your UpGrade is my passion

With love
Maria K xoxox


Retreat 2020

If you would like Maria to design a bespoke and personalized retreat for you for dates that suit you from November 2019 - 2020, please get in touch.

We are now taking bookings for 2020 group retreats

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions. No question is too small or trivial. My priority is your comfort and peace of mind. 

Please email maria@upgradewithmariak.com to to make further inquiries.